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Welcome to the Services page of this website. In addition to my Author and Campaigner roles (see separate boxes) this page outlines what I do in my working life worldwide – and, more importantly, what I can provide for you the follower, client, organisation, establishment or the public. In all my working hats I aim you to benefit from an awareness, knowledge, perspective, skills, tools & techniques gained from a USP of unique lived experiences. And delivered with high energy, passion, dedication, interaction and inspiration – and, where applicable, humour.

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We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with our services and, in the case of executive coaching, a free 30-minute initial coaching call to see if it works for you.

If you would like more details, please contact Jane or Seamus, who will promptly respond to your requests.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

I am not a ‘motivational speaker’ – indeed am amused at how it has become a job title used for anyone who speaks to an audience! Motivation is just one of numerous objectives a speech may have; mine are tailored exactly to what a client requires and whilst motivation will usually be one - often accompanied by some powerful audio visuals – there are countless more deliverables I try to impart.

The subjects I speak about vary between story-led expeditions and inspiration; organisational driven subjects such as leadership, teamwork or change management; sustainability, the environment and other worldly issues; society challenges such as risk, resilience or mental fitness and much more. Audiences range from boards of directors to senior management teams; multinationals to SME’s; regional or functional divisions to full organisations; government bodies to NGOs and charities; public or private events; sports teams; universities, colleges or schools. And forums vary between an after lunch or after dinner speech, a company off-site, organisation on-site, conference, public or private events – with anything from 5 to 5,000 people.

A sample of keynotes I deliver are:

  • To the Ends of the Earth - Presenting the stories, challenges and lessons from my expeditions to the world’s extremes. Story and visual led speeches, which are often split into separate presentations where inspiration and entertainment are the key objectives.
  • Maximizing Potential, Performance and Results – You, Your Team, Your Company - Covering the models, concepts, tools, techniques and lessons designed to empower all attendees to maximize their potential, performance and results.
  • The Real Art of Teamwork - Detailing the essential awareness, tools and techniques required to create a high performing team, with emphasis on managing teams remotely.
  • Overcoming Challenges - Discussing the mindset, approaches and methods required to overcome the numerous challenges individuals, teams, companies and the world faces today.
  • Risk, Resilience and Resourcefulness - Speaking on the essential know-how in managing risk and improving resilience, grit and resourcefulness in a society seemingly losing these key ingredients of life.
  • Climate Change versus Sustainability - Outlining the facts, fictions and unknowns of climate change compared to the universal truths of economic, social and environmental sustainability – and arguing the ‘real inconvenient truths’ and solutions the word needs to adopt to resolve the issue

And numerous more.

It was absolutely fantastic. The team were enthralled and learned much to use. Thank you again for the marvellous seminar – SVP, International Bank, Singapore

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01 Services - Keynote Speaking
Consulting, Coaching, Facilitating and Mentoring

Consulting, Coaching, Facilitating and Mentoring

These fall into my longer development programmes, be it for two hours or over the course of a year. And whilst they are slightly differing roles and formats, the aim on all is invariably to maximise an individual, team or organisation’s potential, performance and results; to empower them to overcome their challenges; or to enable anyone to live their lives more fully.

The subjects I coach, consult, mentor or facilitate include personal, team and company values, mission, vision, goals, leveraging strengths & managing weaknesses, total communication, leadership, real teamwork, comfort zones, silos, organisational change, conflict resolution, overcoming challenges, risk, resilience and resourcefulness, trust, authenticity and much more. The clients are the same as for my keynote speeches, be it a single executive coaching client, Boards of Directors, senior management team, business, sports or non-profit teams worldwide.

How I deliver these programmes is through gimmick free, change inducing and deeply learning programmes imparted through a ‘toolkit’ of concepts, models, theories, examples, stories, exercises, experiential learning, skills, tools and techniques to an individual or room. Developed from years of study and practice of personal and team development, coaching & consulting, relationship systems work, psychology, energy work, conflict resolution techniques and more. And refined from putting these tools into practise in the expedition, corporate, sporting and military worlds.

Slogan free and absent of gimmicks, Adrian was brilliant in his approach to empowering leadership skills to my senior management team – CEO Power Company, UK

02 Services - Consulting, Coaching, Facilitating and Mentoring
Social Commentating

Social Commentating

Having spoken on TV, radio and online as a guest / expert / panellist on various social issues,  I am now a regular social commentator on UK television. My aim is to offer a big picture, critical thinking, logical & rational, philosophical and non-partisan perspective on the challenges, developments, issues and opportunities facing people and society today. One that combines the world of coaching, personal development and leadership together with the world of causes, society’s change and humanity. And one that I aim to bring the lessons, insights, wisdom and perspectives gained from a life of unique lived experiences.

Fantastic job Adrian, exactly what was required, and you went down great in the gallery and with our viewers – Producer, GB News

03 Services - Social Commentating
Documentary Presenting

Documentary Presenting

Having presented or featured in three documentaries to date, broadcast on Discovery Channel or National Geographic Channel – together with an online documentary – I am moving further into this field of work with several forthcoming programmes planned. Our objective is to present and / or narrate serious and gimmick-free programmes covering (in alphabetical order): the body, climate, culture, environment, geography, geopolitical, history & historical journeys, human development, human interest, life, medicine, military, the mind, science, society, space, sustainability, travel, the world and world affairs.

Adrian brings a refreshing down to Earth, engaging and entertaining approach to serious documentary subjects and his connection to the people he interacts with is palpable – CEO Far Films Asia, China

04 Services - Documentary Presenting


My related hat to documentary presenting is voiceovers, and I undertake work in most sectors of the voiceover space, such as documentary narration, commercials, corporate, educational, animation, video games, health & wellness, announcing, GPS / virtual assistants and audio books. Listen at: (1:15)

Adrian has a gorgeous, full bodied voice which is well suited for a plethora of voiceover genres – SM Voices, London, UK

05 Services - Voiceovers
MC and Conference Chair

MC and Conference Chair

I am an experienced MC and conference facilitator, carrying out engagements and events from small groups to events of several thousands of delegates. My clear objective is to hold the space, engage the audience, facilitate input where required, and bring the most out of any event.

Thank you so much for your MC duties last week, you were on top form, set the scene perfectly entertaining and had the audience in your hold throughout – President ICF, UAE

06 Services - MC and Conference Chair
Boardroom Appointments

Boardroom Appointments

As a non-executive director or trustee of a Board, I aim to bring a vast worldly view, unique lived experiences and extensive background in leadership, teamwork and other people programmes to bring the best out of both the Board, the Management Team and the employees of that company.

07 Services - Boardroom Appointments
Adventure Retreats

Adventure Retreats

There are many excellent possibilities available for adventure tourism across the world. And many different types of retreats similarly. Having carried out several personal development treks in the past in the UAE, Tanzania, Nepal and Bhutan, I aim to bring the best elements of adventure and development together. Commencing in 2023, it is intended to hold an annual ‘adventure retreat’ journey of 5-10 days in different countries and terrains of the world, be it desert, mountains, jungle, seas or rivers, with each day comprising of intensive personal development work along the journey. The quests will be open to either private corporations or public groups, the latter posted on this site and social media channels.

08 Services - Adventure Retreats

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