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K2 is the World’s second highest mountain, located in the Karakorum Himalayas on the border of Pakistan and China.

With an elevation of 8,611 metres (28,251 ft), it is widely regarded as the greatest challenge in high altitude mountaineering.

A total of 381 confirmed climbers had reached its summit as of September 2017 since its first ascent on 31 July 1954, That compares with over 4,500 who have reached the summit of Everest. 82 have died attempting it – a summit to death ratio of nearly 22%.

K2’s notoriety stems from its northerly location; its unpredictable and poor weather; its unstable and deep snow conditions; its steepness; avalanche prone slopes and constant rock fall. It is a technical climb that starts steep and ends steep, with no respite.

adventure-bottle adventure-hanger adventure-helmet

Adrian attempted the mountain twice in recent years;

On his first attempt in 2013 an avalanche at Camp 3 on 27 July 2013 tragically killed New Zealand father and son, Marty and Denali Schmidt, calling a halt to the expedition. He returned for a second attempt a year later, fortunately summitting the mountain on 26 July 2014.

K2 - The Tragedy and the Triumph


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