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‘Maximizing potential, performance and results - you, your team, your organization’

Read and hear more about Adrian Hayes’s wide range of speeches, seminars and programmes for people.

Adrian has been passionate about people for his whole life and studied, qualified and taught in numerous personal development, leadership and coaching programmes for the past 15 years, which he has put into practice in his own record-breaking successes.

His speaking and coaching programmes are aimed to both inspire, motivate and, above all, give tangible tools and techniques to enable anyone and everyone to maximize their full potential, performance and results.

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Adrian delivers a full assortment of keynotes, motivational, coaching or sustainability speeches every month across the world, ranging from ten minute after dinner speeches to 90 minute conference keynotes.

There is no single ‘play’ button and, with a whole toolkit of stories, experiences, anecdotes, lessons or concepts, he aims to deliver powerful, entertaining and inspiring speeches tailored entirely according to client objectives and desired outcomes.

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Team Coaching

Adrian delivers change inducing, deeply learning and gimmick-free team development programmes to Boards of Directors, senior management teams, business, sports or non-profit teams worldwide, that are designed with one overriding objective – “teams exist to achieve results’. His programmes have been developed from years of study of personal and team coaching, relationship systems work and conflict resolution techniques - together with his unique experience of putting these tools into practise in the expedition, corporate, sporting and military worlds.

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Leadership Development

Adrian’s empowering and practical leadership development programmes are similarly tailored in accordance with organizational needs and to a wide range of client bases. He brings in whatever items from his ‘toolkit’ of studies, examples, exercises, models, concepts, tools and techniques that may be required to develop that person’s or group’s leadership qualities, practices and needs.

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Executive Coaching

Adrian designs and delivers personal coaching programmes for executives, sportsmen/women and other individuals based upon their requirements and, where applicable, the individual’s organization’s objectives. His coaching style is direct, leadership driven and mentoring influenced and his passion for empowering that client to be the best he or she can possibly be remains fundamental to his work.

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Other services

Adrian carries out a number of other people orientated services, such as conference or event MC, corporate facilitation or specific consultancy.

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