K2 2014

On the 60th anniversary year of its first ascent, my successful summiting, at the second attempt, of the world’s second highest mountain with an international team between June-August 2014 – reaching the top of K2 at 1515 hrs local time on Saturday 26th July 2014.

Other Recent Expeditions

K2 2013

The attempt on the world’s second highest mountain via the Abruzzi Spur, Pakistan, which took place between June-August 2013. The expedition was aborted after an avalanche wiped out Camp 3 at 7300 meters on 26 July 2013, killing New Zealand mountain guide Marty Schmidt and his son Denali.

Empty Quarter 2011

The 44 day / 1600 km journey, between Oct-Dec 2011, by foot and camel across the Empty Quarter of the Arabian Desert in the trail of legendary British explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger. Now a Discovery Channel documentary ‘Footsteps of Thesiger’ and Hayes’s book of the same name.

Greenland 2009

The 67 day / 3120 km unsupported vertical crossing of the Greenland ice cap using kites, with Canadian team mates Devon McDiarmid and Derek Crowe, between May-July 2009. Now a National Geographic Channel documentary ‘The Greenland Quest’ (viewable on YouTube channel) and the Arctic’s longest kiting …

South Pole 2007

The 47 day, 1136 km unsupported journey from Hercules inlet to the South Pole, between Nov-Dec 2007, with a 5 strong international team comprising Canadian Devon McDiarmid, Norwegian Hans Foss, Lebanese Max Chaya and Swiss Evelyn Binsak. The team reached the Pole on 28 Dec 2007.

North Pole 2007

The 50 day / 775 km (point to point) journey from Ward Hunt island, Canada, to the North Pole, between March-April 2007, with a three man team comprising Canadian Richard Weber and Briton Iain Morpeth. The team reached the Pole on 25 April 2007.

Everest 2006

The 2006 summit of Everest via the South Col, Nepal, between April-May 2006, as part of an ten person Himalayan Guides international team, split into two teams of five. Adrian reached the summit on 25 May 2006, the last person to summit that year from Nepal.

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