Terrorism, Islam and evolving consciousness

15 Nov 2015

So another terrorist atrocity in Europe, more death, destruction and carnage and more fear in our cities. My huge sympathies to our French cousins – and also to those in Beirut which, unlike Paris, has not received the same 24/7 news coverage or Lebanese flags superimposed on Facebook profile pictures. And dare I mention my Pakistan friends who have suffered 15 or more major suicide bombings this year alone. Or indeed any other countries inflicted with the same fate.

Knee jerk reactions are never wise, as we have learned to our cost throughout recent history. But I trust the European Union may now finally realise that its sacred free movement of people principle – conceived in an age before international terrorism existed and already a prime contributor to the migration crisis– has to finally cease. Even if the Paris monsters were born in France, their support networks and arms supplies were likely dependent on open borders.

But I also trust and hope that my many, many friends in the Islamic world now finally rise up to actively confront the enemy within their faith. A rotten core in any apple has to be spat out; a rotten core in any company sacked; and a rotten core in any religion declared heretics and excommunicated - be it paedophile priests, violence inciting preachers or suicide bombers.

To say that the mentally impaired thugs – for their mindset belongs to 1000 or more years ago - who have carried out recent atrocities as they shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ has ‘nothing to do with Islam’ is avoiding the hard truths. I know many of my Muslim friends share this view and I wish them courage and inspiration in the quest to expand our evolution, awareness and consciousness. For nothing the West does will end this mayhem and, as we have seen all too often before, can indeed make things even worse……….

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