Sustainability - What's it all about?

28 Jul 2010

I keep banging on about it, so here's a first intro. The 3 pillars of our lives - our economies, society and the environment - are all totally linked, you cannot solve problems in one without looking at the lot.

The problem is is that whilst there are tens of thousands of organizations speaking for the environment; similar number for society's issues and a vast number of economists on our economic systems, not so many seem to understand this and speak for all three.

I was driven to the cause, or movement, primarily from an utter disbelief at how we have got ourselves into the economic mess of the past few years. A result created by both a World living beyond its means - individuals, households, companies and countries - and, crucially, a total failure of leaders and leadership Worldwide to understand or address this fundamental issue.

Acknowledging Ariane Burgess from the US who first got me galvanised into the cause. Regular blogs on the issues to follow......... 

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