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17 Jun 2014

K2 2014. I rarely, if ever, post anything of a personal nature or my personal life - including its own 'Everests' - on Facebook, but as I head off to K2 perhaps am justified to put just this one……….

Which is that no matter how big the goal, my focus, drive and determination, my thoughts will always be on my two children, Alexander and Charlotte. As any parent will resonate, they are more important to me than any mountain, any challenge, any job or, indeed, anything else in life. And they will never be far from my mind as I embark on what is one of the most difficult challenges on the whole planet.

There are some who probably feel attempting K2 is selfish. I agree. As I wrote on my website blog ‘Preparing for K2: the Mental’ - please read if you haven’t on – it is a necessary requirement to get into the total mental zone required to attempt such a feat. Without putting the blinkers on and getting into complete and utter focus in the 4-6 weeks before today, I wouldn’t even be here. 

But I do these things because, apart from savoring being in the wildernesses of the world away from all the crap and information overload we have to face on a daily basis; apart from being a goal driven guy whose always attempted big challenges; apart from the huge learnings I gain every time I step outside of my comfort zone; and apart from wanting to see how far and how much I can achieve in this one hat of my work that I wear, there is something else.

And that is that these challenges bring out the very best in me; they are my truth and that oft quoted ‘being true to oneself’. And they make me come alive. And if anyone is questioning where they are, what they are doing and what is their purpose in this manic life, perhaps you can ask yourself a similar question, namely::

‘Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, but ask yourself what makes you come alive and go and go and do that. For what the world needs is people who come alive’.

I approach K2 in the peak of physical fitness and fully ‘in the zone’ but, critically, in a humble manner –particularly in respect for our friends lost last year – and with full and total respect for, and even a relationship with, nature. Nature provides the answer to most things in life and we ignore it at our peril. Or alternatively ‘The mountains will always be there, the secret is to make sure you are too’. 

To my family and all my many great friends, aquaintances and those who don’t know me but follow, your support and messages are truly appreciated.

To Alex and Charlotte, I love you both and you will never be far from my mind over the next two months.

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