Overfishing - The Unsustainable Truths

17 Sep 2010

Falling fish stocks around the World have little affect on global warming but are a classic example of how our economies, society and the environment are all linked - and how unsustainable practices in one affect each of the others.

How? Here are a few examples of why:

* Increased consumption (society) - arising from unsustainable population increase together with growing affluence in the 3rd World.

* Fashion and tastes (society) - the huge rise in popularity of sushi Worldwide, shark fin soup in the East etc etc.

* Governmental subsidies (economy) - propping up of unsustainable fishing fleets and industries to avoid short term unemployment, discord and votes. 

* Fishing practices (economy) - the huge nets that catch everything alive in a vast area, much of which is subsequently thrown away; spotter planes, high tech monitors. 

* Aquaculture (economy) - the crazy rise in salmon, tuna and other fish farms which usually require 5 fish to produce the 1 fish on our table.

* Pollution (economy)

Until we all start to act responsibly in our households from our consumption practises and leaders finally start to tackle the white elephants or uncomfortable truths regardless of their popularity, the consequences will be vast in the not too longer term..........

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