Nepal Earthquake – MIRA Himalaya

02 Mar 2016

Many thanks to everyone who attended Monday night’s Nepal Earthquake presentation in Dubai, at which we announced the setting up in the UK / Nepal of MIRA Himalaya (Medicine in Remote Areas, Himalaya). The project and charity has been spurred by my experience on the personal quest that followed the earthquake of 25 April 2015 and, in particular, the follow up visit and work in September 2015 along with fellow qualified Paramedic Royston Polding. Then it became clear that there was a need for general medicine, first aid and health & hygiene education to be taken into the hills and mountains of Nepal, which couldn’t be provided from road head medical centres or missions.

Although it is being set up as a charity, I am reluctant to use the word given, in my view, the fallen grace of much in the charity world. However it is the best forum in which to hold the funds we have for the purpose of providing medical and education missions in the Himalayas.

More details on the project, which we will be partnering with In Nepal with NGO Mission Himalaya, will follow next month. I will be going back to Nepal in May.

Copied is the video (3:18) played at the end of Monday’s event which launches MIRA Himalaya.

For those interested in helping those in the mountains and hills of Nepal, here are three ways:

  • Visit. Trek, climb, and holiday - Nepal is back in and open for business and wants you there.
  • Volunteering. Numerous initiatives on ‘being of service’.
  • Educational support. Numerous initiatives on helping education.

Or if you wish to support MIRA Himalaya in any way, please email us on

While I have full respect for those that have and are doing expeditions in aid of a cause or charity, it is my view that 'adventure charity' is now on a decline due to simply being too much of a good thing – there are now so many people doing so many things for so many causes that it has now become somewhat passe'.

Whatever you can do for Nepal, however, will be appreciated by the country.

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