Lighter Later - Moving Britain's Clocks Forward

14 Aug 2010

The debate has run for decades in the UK - why waste precious hours of daylight whilst prople are asleep in their beds. The benefits are overwhelming, the present situation, particularly in summer, preposterous - right now it gets light at shortly after 5am, at least two hours before Britain rises; dark by 8.45 pm. In June its even more profound.

The benefits cover the whole essence of sustainability where everyone wins, including tourism - an estimated extra 70,000 jobs and GBP 3bn injected into the UK economy; sporting benefits, lifestyle benefits from both lighter and warmer evenings; and road safety - an estimated 100+ lives saved per year.

The most overwhelming benefit, however, relates to energy savings. Britain's own "Earth Hour" most days of the year from reduced electricity consumption. Its pertinant to recall that the UK and many countries used double summer time in WWII for the reasons of limiting precious resources; well welcome to 2010 where resources are even more precious.

If its so clear cut, what's the problem? Err........ Farmers and the Scots. Many are raging at the prospect of dark mornings in winter. Well, excuse stating the obvious but cows can't tell the time and what do Scandinavians do with up to 24 hrs of darkness in winter? Even when I lived in Toulouse for a year, we went to work in the dark at 0830 hrs in winter and it was perfectly fine. Road safety experts state that Scotland will actually benefit the most from reduced casualties. Double Summer Time only is an option being considered, however, which would resolve the concerns.

The Prime Minister has now spoken out in favour, but it needs support to get through Parliament. Please join the campaign on 

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