Leadership and Power

15 Dec 2010

For those of us involved in the field of leadership its been a fascinating few weeks.

I have found it surprising to witness someone displaying such continuing ingorance in World affairs still managing to retain her place near the head of US Politics. 

Whilst it doesn't worry me too much that England didn't win the rights to host the 2018 World Cup, I find it amazing that someone who is embroiled in corruption allegations, continuous blunderings and mis-management can still be leader of one of the World's most powerful bodies.

And I find it incredible that someone mired in so many scandels involving bribery, corruption, prostitution and the Mafia can still be the head of one of Europe's leading countries.

I'm referring, of course, to Sarah Palin, Sepp Blatter and Silvio Berlusconi. But for these three, think of countless so called 'leaders' of teams, organisations and countries who somehow remain at the top.

Should we admire all three's ability, determination and drive to see off every crisis and remain at the top of their organisations? Or bemoan the various systems that somehow allows incompetence at best - or abuse of power at worse - to go unchallenged? 

By those "systems" I refer to the freedom of the press, or lack of it; the power of money in politics; and the lack of alternative leaders to emerge in their place.

And that is why I respect my country, the UK, more than ever before. We have many faults, but I can rest easy in the knowledge that abuse of power has a short lifespan for it's protagonists in the country. Had all three - and hundreds more such "leaders" Worldwide - been living in the UK or representing UK organisations, our free press and the British people would simply never have let them get away with it. Amen. 

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