K2 2014 – What, When, Where, Who, Why

14 Apr 2014

Two months to go before I leave for Pakistan for K2 2014 and four of the five ‘Ws’ are fairly straightforward in theory, though in practice will be anything but. The last is more emotion than science. But here goes.

What. 15 June – 15 Aug, though with a summit window historically most likely at the end of July most likely finishing at least a week earlier.

Where. Pakistan, either the Abruzi Spur as per last year or the steeper but safer Cesen Ridge. Undecided at present and will be confirmed once know how many teams are on summit attempts this year along with the support we have and the snow conditions. My preference and recommendation is for the Cesen, provided we have the support for efficient oxygen on the long Camp 3 to Camp 4 stage.

Who. Also unclear at this stage, We should have a team of seven plus Sherpa support together with a number of other teams, but the ebbs and flows of climbers confirming usually carries on until the last two weeks.

Why. As have answered to a number of journalists, radio and television, it is very much unfinished business for me after the aborted attempt last year when we never even had a crack at the summit due to the avalanche that tragically killed the Schmidts. And I would never forgive myself if 2014 saw a successful summit bid whilst I was sunning myself on the beach at Cannes. I put a lot of time, effort and hard work into 2013s attempt, this is merely a carry on of that attempt – wiser, careful and hopefully stronger.

Myself and the great team from Professional Sports Group will again be posting regular updates, pictures and video on my Facebook page together with, likely weekly, longer blog posts, pictures and video on this site.

Thanks again to my sponsors Thuraya and Xtralink, Marmot, California Chiropractic Center, JA Resorts, MEFITPRO and TenTwenty for their continued support once again.

And thanks to everyone for their support.

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