Ironman Austria postscript

05 Jul 2011

Back in the UK after what can only be described as an awesome experience racing Ironman Austria. I can see why people get addicted to Ironman - I'm already hooked!

The race itself went like clockwork, my stats ending up as follows:

Swim (3.8 km): 1:15:15
Bike (180 km): 5:31:48
Run (42 km): 3:45:18

Total: 10:44:05

Which, with limited training the past 7 weeks from Ironman China's cancellation and Dubai's impossible heat, was better than ever imagined. Particularly pleasing was knocking out a 3hr 45min marathon at the end, which followed how things seem to work with me on all big stuff - stronger at the end than the beginning, with a lot spare in the tank.

I guess quality instead of quantity really does work - never did more than a 3.5 hr group ride (fast), or, with the exception of one 25 km run, a 20 km run throughout.(same).

The only mishap was my internal thermo-nuclear reactor boiling over in the closed confines of the finish line area after crossing the line - again, as also seems to happen a lot. Result: another over-heating and drip in the medical tent! And this was in 24C, I guess I just don't do heat........

More satisfying than pure times, however, was what can only be described as the most incredible energy and atmosphere I've ever experienced at any race, London Marathon aside - which is now somewhat full with rhinos, horses and other cartoon characters. It was incredible. Roll on the next one.

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