The Hot Air of Climate Change Conferences

01 Dec 2015

As COP 21 gets under way in Paris, the problem with Climate Change conferences and why they always fail is that are purely about climate change…… CC is one issue, and only one, in a complex web of interlocking factors in our environment, which is just one pillar in the three interlocking pillars of environment, society and economy. They are completely interrelated; what you do in one will affect all three and you can’t solve issues in one without looking at all three together. Welcome to the world of Sustainability.

So given that the three factors which affect our environment – and consequently likely climate change - more than anything else 50 times over are the unsustainable numbers on our planet, the drive for economic growth and our consumption of animal products, what COP 21 (and the inevitable protest marches) should really be talking about is the empowerment of women, family planning aid, reform of aid programs, education, sustainable economic growth, drastically reducing consumerism and debt, food consumption and patterns, living within our means and a lot more real ‘inconvenient truths’, But they won’t – because it’s all too difficult to address and, instead, world leaders will blow a lot of hot air to appear statesmen like but little else.

Climate change grabs all the headlines, is the subject of massive conferences, has the luxury of being a subject with its own Ministers in many countries and has a lot of money spent on it. But many may argue that technology may and likely will have answers and that other environmental factors we are facing right now are equally as, if not more, important – food security, water shortage and rapid resource depletion to name but three. Not to mention a lot more factors in our economies and society which will barely get a look in during the all singing and dancing jamboree in Paris.


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