Guinness World Record for Greenland Quest

10 Nov 2010

Guinness World Records have confirmed our 2009 Greenland Quest expedition as a World record for the Arctic's longest unsupported kite-skiing expedition.

Though don't do this game to break records it's a nice recognition of what was a great tream effort to cover an enormous distance (3120 kms straight line and 4260 kms total) in just 67 days, battling head winds, wrong winds, no-winds, glacial meltwater, crevasses and the slight problem of running out of food.

To clarify here the often subjective World of polar records, this award is firstly for the Arctic only - Norway's Rune Gjeldnes in his 2006 "Longest March" completed a remarkable 4804 kms across Antarctica using kites. Rune also completed the only other unsupported full vertical crossing of Greenland with Torry Larson in 1996, when they went from near southern tip to the northern tip of the island - a route that was infinitely more challenging than ours I hasten to add.

Secondly, the longest fully unsupported and unassisted (ie walking without re-supplies) polar journey in history is held by the UK's Alex Hibbert and George Bullard, when they walked across Greenland and back on foot in 2008, completing 2163 kms. Like using dogs or using re-supplies, a different type of travel and not to be compared. All three of them deserve their full recognition for outstanding efforts.

As for our record, we didn't even bother to submit it until this summer, a year after completion. Like most records it will probably be beaten. My 3 Poles "record" for reaching Everest, the North Pole and the South Pole in 19 months and 3 days - a "record" I didn't plan or even know about until 6 weeks prior to heading for the South Pole - has recently been beaten by American Eric Larson, who completed all three within 12 months. Eric's achievement was also an incredible feat and full congratulations to him.

Greenland took a lot of planning, a lot of strategic thinking en route and a fair amount of luck. Thanks once again to all the support team who made it happen for the three of us. More on website 

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