Greenland Quest Documentary

04 May 2011

The documentary of our Greenland Quest expedition is now showcasing on Emirates Airline inflight TV, prior to it's planned broadcast on National Geographic Channel next month.

The film follows our vertical crossing of the Greenland ice cap on kites undertaken by myself, Devon McDiarmid and Derek Crowe in 2009 - a 3120 km (straight line), 4260 km (total) distance journey taking 67 days which was awarded a Guinness World record for the longest unsupported kite journey in the Arctic to date. 

The trip was only the second time the Greenland ice cap has been crossed in its full length without re-supplies. Rune Gjeldnes and Torry Larson's 1996 crossing of the length of the whole island was the other - which, although shorter in length, was a much more demanding accomplishment to which we fully acknowledge and respect.

Filming in true remote locations can be a fine choice. Apart fron the preparations and the start when we were accompanied by a reporter, this film was produced almost entirely from footage we took on the trip. It brings a raw feel to the journey but probably doesn't bring out the true hardships that were there - given that when it's dire the last thing on your mind is to film! Having a pre-commissioned camera crew accompanying you then you'll get every blizzard, pain, problem and tears - but at the cost of some artifiality in that the true remoteness is lost.

Whatever, we hope people enjoy the film and many thanks to Phil Griffiths of Nomad Media for his faith in the project and for Emirates and Emirates NBD for their sponsoring of it.

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Details on Nat Geo scheduling to follow.

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