24 Jan 2012

5 weeks on from completeing the journey and its back into full and frenetic swing in the UAE - and not stopping.

For the many people who have asked and for those who weren't aware, I am presently in the thick of writing the book of the journey - always part of the plans and hopefully to be published by June. The only problem is finding time to do that writing. I hope it will be an interesting journal.

We are planning an exhibition in the UAE to accompany the launch of the book.

The film of the expedition is presently being edited by Two Four in the UK and will be out for broadcast in April or May earliest. Channels not confirmed yet but it will be broadcast Worldwide.

My reflections on the trip 5 weesk on are what an incredibly special and unique experience it was. Unique in that in 15 years of living in the region I have never been emersed so deeply in the beduin way of life as I did these 44 days - and never will again. Saeed and Ghafan are like brothers now, Ahmed and Sultan our support crew like cousins. I trust we will be friends forever.

Acknowledgements will appear in the book, film and exhibition, but would like to take this opportunity to thank those who made it happen here and now:

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan
HH Sheikh Hamddan bin Zayed Al Nahyan
Abu Dhabi Culture and Heritage
Abu Dhabi Media
Professional Sports Group
Motivate Publishing
Oman Abela
Two Four Productions
Wouter Kingma
General Hamad Mohammed Thani Al Rumaithi. COS UAE Armed Forces
General Andy Pillar, UAE Armed Forces
Lt Col Mike Nott, UAE Armed Forces
Border Ghard, UAE Armed Forces
Oman Ministry of Tourism
Oman Ministry of Information
Border Guard, Royal Army of Oman
General Albert Whitley
Sheikh Khaled bin Tufl Al Kathiri
Saeed Mahad
Richard Simmons
Salalah Hospital
Ahmed Hamdan Al Kambashi
Sultan Hilal Al Shaadi
Rebecca Tierney
Richar Cousins
Charles Jones and the staf at California Chirpractic Clinic
Our Omani riders:
- Mahmoud Obaid Ali Saeedi
- Mohammed Khalifa Salem Al Muqbari
- Rashid Sultan Rashid Al Aweri
- Haithem Saif Ahmed Al Masoudi
- Abdullah Khamis Abdulla Sawa'ai
And all the Sheikhs, leaders, and peoples we met on the incredible journey 

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