European Future Energy Forum - groundbreaking initiatives or a lot of hot air?

18 Oct 2010

The European Future Energy Forum (EFEF) is a younger stable mate to the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) held in Abu Dhabi each year. Both are initiated by Masdar (Abu Dhabi"s multi-billion dollar planned zero-carbon city) and aim to provide solutions and business opportunities for the global renewable energy and environmental technology market.

The positives? This is a big exhibition with a packed conference programme and a number of keynote speeches by World and environmental leaders. It's about protecting our planet; about the millions of jobs being developed in the field; and about the potential huge profits from the industry. Make no mistake, green technology is big business and a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit is the aim - and plaudits for this.

The negatives? The counter-arguments will be the topic of the round table discussion I am chairing on sustainability. That is how much has the global warming protest movement shot itself in the foot by being too one-subject focused? Can we realistically expect the "people" and "planet" pillars to play an equal weight with "profit"? Will we need massive legislation to make the aims of the conference valid? How can we address and solve future energy without tackling the uncomfortable truths of our present economic model of growth/capitalism, population, bringing the 3rd World out of poverty without having a massive impact on the World's resources and so on. In short a discussion on sustainability which I hope will provoke some deep thinking amongst attendees.

The round table discussion is on Wed 20th Oct, 1430-1515. Go to 

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