Brexit lessons

25 Jun 2016

Whatever the rights and wrongs of membership of the EU, one thing is fairly evident That, far from the peace, uniting and bringing together of its noble origins, the institution today has arguably created more division, polarisation, disconnect, resentment and anger from its citizens than at any time since its founding. And the astonishing social media fallout of fury, accusations, slander, de-friending and debasing of those who dared to vote different to ourselves is merely testimony to those divisions.

Rightly or wrongly, for better or for worse, despite the risks, the threats, the stepping into the unknown and the fact that the status quo invariably wins referendums, 17.4 million Britons gave a resounding V sign to the establishment. And, of the 16.1 million who voted to remain, probably a third or more did so for fear of the unknown rather than any enthusiasm for the EU machine.

As a number of enlightened souls have posted, we need to accept the democratic result, respect the views of others and move onwards and upwards – as European as we were ever were and ever will be but merely, along with Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and ten other European countries, not part of the institution that is the EU but part of a growing global community of change.

For we are in an age of distinct change as system after system, based on never ending economic growth, power and control, comes crumbling down as they struggle to meet the demands, desires and growing objections of a world that is increasingly questioning everything that is presented to it. Britain’s rejection of the EU is merely one, albeit profound, result, but more will follow.

The key is to accept that change can be messy and to bring about increasing understanding, adaption, co-operation and enlightenment rather than xenophobia, polarization, extremism or hate. I have great faith that our largely evolved continent's peoples will respond in the former.

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