2017 Business Coach of the Year Award

10 Jul 2017

Pleased to be recently awarded the MEA Markets ‘Business Coach of the Year’ award.

Awards and honours are strange beasts. The Brits are undoubtedly both a ‘celebrity obsessed’ and ‘awards obsessed’ nation and we seem to hand out awards in our cornflakes to people just going about their normal jobs – I have previously expressed my intense dislike of the ‘knighthood inflation’ that is creeping into our society. I have also expressed my unease at the fine line between doing good works (for charity) and telling everyone about it for self-marketing… On other awards and achievements also, there can be a fine line between informing, pride or marketing for business versus self-promotion, exploitation or bragging. I will admit I don’t sit easy on any of them.

Yes, this website mentions ‘record-breaking adventurer’ for my holding two Guinness World Records which I was fortunate to achieve in the past ten years. And it’s there because I have a business to promote which, along with the rest of my achievements, brings credibility. But you will never hear me talking about them to people unless it’s (usually by someone else) relevant – it’s part of my history and who I am, but I’ve learned over the years that humility and humbleness are finer virtues.

So here I am mentioning this award. Why? Mainly because it’s a recognition of one of my other hats that I passionately hold, that of people. My leadership development programmes sit on an ingrained and intrinsic belief that everyone, not just the confident, assertive or arrogant, can show and be a leader. My team coaching programmes sit on am ingrained and intrinsic belief that when you are part of a high performing team comprising of complete trust, openness and transparency, it is like no feeling on Earth. And my executive and personal coaching programmes sit on an ingrained and intrinsic belief that almost everyone on Earth barely scratches the surface of their potential and whether you need a crisis to unlock that potential or just the tools, techniques, models and concepts that comprise the world of coaching.

So I am proud to be recognised for a part of my many hats and work that is a real passion and commitment - I love the work hopefully that passion comes across in the energy of my programmes.

And just to finish by returning to the fine lines I wrote about earlier, I won’t conclude this blog by saying ‘If you want to hear more, book Adrian Hayes now!’ American influenced salesmanship gone too far also doesn’t sit well – if you’re reading this then there’s simply no need!

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